1.Pinch – Punisher (Loefah’s SE25 Remix)/Punisher (Skream’s Heavy Duty Remix) Planet Mu
It’s all about the A side. This track is not only better than the original, it’s better than anything. this is why dubstep is the first genre to count since ragtime.
To be fair, the B side is good but you could put a blow job from Nigella Lawson on the other side and i still wouldn’t want to flip it over

2. Lindstrøm – Another Station/Another Station (Todd Terje Remix) Feedelity
You could pick any tracks from Lindstrøm and it’s worth a top 10 nod but this 12″ is sheer perfection. The original is all Cloud One heavenly sound with the remix on the B side bringing the Italo ala Georgio M. If you think disco sucks but still love Can than you need get over it and get this.

3.Villalobos – Fizheuer Zieheuer Pt. 1/Fizheuer Zieheuer Pt. 2 Playhouse
Every year Ricardo drops masterpieces and this time he went all/way out. This monster 2 part track spreads out over 30 minutes. It’s genius is that it seems to go nowhere and everywhere at same time. Polyrhtymic madness with oompha horns. Yes, WTF, but oh the places you will go.

4. Substance & Vainqueur – Surface / Immersion Scion Versions
The most welcome return of the year. Basic Channel\Chain Reaction brilliance from 2 of the masters of the form. Drifting, reverberating deepness that only these faceless technicians can concoct.

5. Rhythm & Sound – See Mi Yah (Remixes #3) See Mi Yah (Hallucinator Remix) Rhythm & Sound w/ Jah Cotton Dem Never Know (Sleeparchive Remix) Rhythm & Sound w/ Koki Rise And Praise (Vainqueur Remix) Burial Mix
There were 4
Rhythm & Sound remix 12″s released this year but this one has it all. The Sleeparchive mix makes early 90’s Hawtin like bleeps sound like bong hits in Kingston while the Chain Reaction boys add their icey vapors to the warm vocals to create a funky fog that would make a rasta man proud.

6. Shackleton & Gatekeeper – Soundboy’s Bones Get Buried In The Dirt Vol. 1 Shackleton Tin Foil Sky/Gatekeeper Tomb Skull Disco
I probably could have filled this list with only dubstep 12″s but i thought i would give some respect to the “other” genres. This edition in the Skull Disco series of killer 12″s has both sides covered. Shackelton brings the percussive clatter that make your teeth rattle while Gatekeeper goes for more of a bone shaker with deep bass pressure and 12 ton hits.

7. Know Your Guess – If Yu Know Your Cockie Bruck Dung (Drop The Lime Remix) If YuCockie Bruck Dung (Dub) If Yu Know Your Cockie Bruck Dung (Machine Drum Remix) If Yu Know Your Cockie Bruck Dung (Instrumental) Shockout
One cut, four versions, all great. The Drop The Lime side is all upbeat electro ragga while Machine Drum manages to remember why Prefuse 73 was good all those years ago.

8. Hell – Fun Boy 3/Passionate! (Traxx Rework) International Deejay Gigolo Records
One of the 3 rocking chairs of German techno dropped this stomper and blew my brain. Both sides are percussive monsters. It’s all about the drums. This 12″s has no interest in going anywhere, it just wants to beat you black and blue.

9.Various – Komet\Tomas Jirku\Anders Ilar\Rechord Audio.nl
Micro sounds abound on this limited edition EP. Dry minimal beats that pop like bubbles in your ginger ale and evaporate in your ears. Nothing never sounded so good.

10. Thomas Fehlmann – Emo Pack Kompakt
4 tracks from the olde guard that will move the staunchest of bodies. The 1st track that samples what seems to be an old blues record (harmonica, gut bucket snare…) actually made me not completely despise the schaffel beat. The other tracks cover the dirty harsh “speicher” sound and of course, lilting tech house that his guy has pretty much perfected.