And One for 2015




Apostille – Powerless (Night School)
Diät – Positive Energy (Iron Lung Records)
Gouge – Beyond Death (Hells Headbangers)
Frank Hurricane – Fuck Wit It High : A Mystical Gangsta’s Relfection Vol. 1 (Pympstrumental) (Feeding Tube Records)
The Green Door Allstars – Youth Stand Up! (Autonomous Africa)
Heather Leigh – I Abused Animal (Ideologic Organ)
Container – LP (Spectrum Spools)
Buck Biloxi And The Fucks – Streets Of Rage (HoZac Records)
Ashtray Navigations – A Shimmering Replica (VHF Records)
Levon Vincent – Levon Vincent (Novel Sound)
Mark Fell & Gábor Lázár – The Neurobiology Of Moral Decision Making (The Death Of Rave)

Koehler – Sacred Realm (Skudge White)
Various – Mutant City Acid 2 (Balkan Vinyl)
Powell – Insomniac (XL Recordings)
Nummer – Circadian Rhythms EP (Nummer Music)
Black Suede – Inner Monologue (CGI Records)
Fit Siegel – Carmine (Fit)
Chucky Bounce – The Legend Of Chucky Bounce (Dnaut Music)
La-4a – Triad (Delft)
Various – LACR013 (L.A. Club Resource)
PG Sounds – Untitled (SUED)
J Tijn – MOR (Bedouin Records)

Mr. Spaulind – Twelve Tribe Of Israel (Hot Milk)
Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia – 1989 (Sacred Summits)
Bourbonese Qualk – Bourbonese Qualk (Mannequin)
Singers & Players – War Of Words (On-U Sound)
Sun City Girls – Torch Of The Mystics (Abduction)
Joe McPhee & John Snyder – To Be Continued (Kye)
Ata Kak – Obaa Sima (Awesome Tapes From Africa)
Bunny Lion – Red (Fantasy Memory)
The Velvet Underground – The Complete Matrix Tapes (Universal Music Enterprises)
Various – Excavated Shellac: Reeds (Parlortone)
Spectre – Ruff Kutz (Pan)






Austin Cesear  “West Side” (Public Information)
Heavy Nukes  “Heavy Nukes” (Static Age)
Outer Space “Phantom Center” (Editions Mego)
Whilst “Everything There Was Was There” (Optimo Music)
Impalers “Psychedelic Snutskallar” (540 Records)

Powell “Club Music” (Diagonal)
Maan “Non013” (Non Series)
Skander  “Dirge” (L.A. Club Resource)
Terekke  “Terekke” (L.I.E.S.)
Mia Dora  “Un.Sub” (Optimo Trax)

Bremen “Second Launch” (Blackest Ever Black)
Al Doum & The Faryds  “Cosmic Love” (Black Sweat Records)
Neel “Phobos” (Spectrum Spools)
Useless Eaters  “Bleeding Moon” (Castle Face)
Raspberry Bulbs  “Privacy” (Blackest Ever Black)

In School “Praxis Of Hate” (Kill Test)
Lumpy And The Dumpers  “Gnats In The Pisser” (Total Punk)
Goosebumps  “Scared To See A Doctor” (Katorga Works)
Rx “Strung Out” (Peoples Potential Unlimited)
Institute  “Giddy Boys” (Katorga Works)

Crime “Murder By Guitar” (Superior Viaduct)
X Blank X  “X Sticky Fingers X” (Ektro Records)
Cider  “Out To Get Me” (My Mind’s Eye Records/Ultra Sonido)
Joe McPhee And John Snyder “Pieces Of Light” (Bo’Weavil Recordings)
Aby Ngana Diop  “Liital” (Awesome Tapes From Africa)

Alternative TV  “Vibing Up The Senile Man (Part One)” (Deptford Fun City)
Deathly Fighter  “Completely Dusted” (Columbus Discount Records)
Grachan Moncur III  “New Africa” (BYG Records)
Jerry Garcia  “Garcia” (Warner Bros. Records)
Professor X  “Years Of The 9, On The Blackhand Side” (4th & Broadway)


TOP 10 12″s & REISSUES 2013




Itinerant Dubs “UR MY ID” Itinerant Dub
I pity your genre addiction.

Planetary Assault Systems “No Exit” Mote-Evolver
Relentless techno delirium that moves counter clockwise in the southern hemisphere.

Demdike Stare “Testpressing #003” Modern Love
The change will do you good.

Mark E  “Black Country Roots” Running Back
Sweeter than an benevolent honey covered puppy.

Anthony Naples “Moscato” Mister Saturday Night Records
Sweaty men churning butter back into milk.

Forward Strategy Group “The New Formal” Perc Trax
3 tracks that have not been formally introduced to each other and are much better for it.

Unknown Artist “001” Papers
Ignorance is bliss.

Shifted “The Cold Light [Part 2/2]” Avian
Nothing against Part 1 but this one is just fucking great.

Baaz “Swimmer” Slices Of Life
As my Russian masseur would say “Sooooo Deeeeeeep”

Ctrls “Shifting States” Token
As if the 2 A side cuts weren’t enough to kill you there are 2 Sleeparchive tracks on the flip.


Fottutissima Pellicceria Elsa “Fottutissima Pellicceria Elsa” S-S Records
Chaotic punk precision that hits you in the gut, head and groin all at once. Now this is a reissue… impossibly rare, essential and affordable.

Keith Hudson “Torch Of Freedom” Hot Milk
One of thee best of Hudson’s full lengths finally get’s a vinyl reissue and about 300 of the 500 went straight to Japan. That didn’t thwart this completist from scoring a copy. Roots like nothing you never heard. The true genius of reggae.

Rodion G.A. “The Lost Tapes” Strut
Fantastically moving psych/disco/prog/electro from the depths of the 80’s communist bloc. I had the CD copy of this reissue with me when i was testing out home speakers at a local audiophile shop. It sounded like complete shit. Needless to say i didn’t buy the speakers.

Vlad Tepes  “Morte Lune” Drakkar Productions
Thee last known recordings of these French noir metallers. Damaged and nearly unlistenable. Also, fucking le brilliant.

Various Artists “The Thing From The Crypt” Dark Entries
The best compilation ever made now available for people without trust funds and discerning taste in limey post everything wave.

Bernard Parmegiani  “De Natura Sonorum” Recollection GRM
Come on… seriously? You didn’t know this was coming?

ONO “Machines That Kill People” Galactic Archive/Priority Male
No wave/free jazz minimal skronk with pained gospel vocals. Tortuous in the best possible way.

Günter Schickert  “Kinder In Der Wildnis” Bureau B
Thee real Krautrock Sampler or maybe a Whitman’s Sampler with variations of Motorik, Komische & coconut centers.

Rudimentary Peni “Pope Adrian 37th Psychristiatric” Outer Himalayan Records
Do you like headaches? Outside the box punk? Verbose insane rambling? Then you already picked up this first time on vinyl must have motherfucker.

Palmer Rockey  “Rockey’s Style” Trunk Records
Played this album of noxious stock 70s soft rock and lounge crooning ad nauseum. Imagine eating a box of gorgonzola filled King Dons and you get the idea.


TOP 10 EPs & LPs OF 2013

Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 11.51.50 AM



Golden Teacher “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” EP Optimo Music
Rolling thunder of the highest order that makes all other danse music seem as pale as Rolling Rock.

Stefan Jaworzyn “EP2” Shock
The past master reclaims the throne usurped by poseur noise children.

Funerary Box “Hell-Hammered Horror” Rescued From Life Records
American metal masterpiece from the heart of the darkened middle of the country.

Wareika Hill Sounds “No More War EP” Honest Jon’s Records
Ever chew beef jerky underwater? Me either and this 10″ is beautiful.

Ivvvo “Light Moving” Fourth Wave
A remixed dream that Carl Craig had about an Acid House party at a Hotel Ibis in 1993.

Yves De Mey “Metrics” Opal Tapes
Unwrapping a Clark bar in the dark for 22 minutes and finally getting to eat it when the lights go on.

Madteo “Strumpetocracy” EP Nuearth Kitchen
A broken people mover that has a mind of it’s own but never trips you up and gets you exactly to where it wants you to be.

Kanding Ray “Tempered Inmid” EP Stroboscopic Artefacts
Clean cut killer makes dapper corpses.

Anika EP Stones Throw
Ice cold sex with the most popular girl at the military academy.

Powell “Untitled” The Death Of Rave
Know wave masterpiece from a mind more thoroughly brilliant than yours.



Special Request “Soul Music” Houndstooth

Massive rewind since it’s release. Ride VIP alone would make this my AOY but the 11 other tracks are just as mind blowing/body moving.

Call Back The Giants “The Marianne” Kye
Thee most comforting strangeness i have ever not understood. In a world where other worldliness is rare this is a breath of fresh air

Raspberry Bulbs “Deformed Worship” Blackest Ever Black
Lean and thick like a politically incorrect New York strip steak. Knife and fork blackened punk for those that use deodorant.

VoiVod “Target Earth” Century Media
Never ever thought i would like another VoiVod album since Outer Limits let alone one without the late great Piggy but this is a monster.

Sven Weisemann “Inner Motions” Mojuba
Billowy house the way it’s supposed to be.  If I could transform this record into a pillow i would sleep for years at a time.

Basic House “Oats” Alter
Alien compositions translated from ancient scrolls and etched onto wax.
A stunning work of both vision and intrigue.

Messages “Mirage” Root Strata
Impossibly transgressive trance that in any other hands would come across as upper middle class WOMADian drivel.

Endless Boogie “Long Island” No Quarter
Proof, yet again, that real Rock is best made by derelict old folks. Forget the past, live for today.

KMFH “Boat Party” Wild Oats
Varied and thoroughly consistent, this record moves every part of your anatomy and a few vital organs.

Hoax “Hoax” Hoax Records
1st and maybe only full length from the best hardcore band in the US of A.
Please have something handy to rip to shreds when spinning this fucker.


Best of 2012::::ALBUMS



This year had a shit ton of great albums.  I could have easily made this a top 20 and still had regrets but this ain’t modern day little league baseball so not everyone gets to feel special. As a concession and a lame tie in, I did decide to make it a top 12.
The guidelines still apply: Only NEW releases.  No reissues or compilations.
So take a gander and commence to bitching because making a stink about year end lists is in vogue.

1. Spacin’ “Deep Thuds” Richie
Freak flags in rock were flying half mast until these basement cretins raised them high and set them on fire.

2. Goat “World Music” Rocket Recordings
A Dunlop wah wah pedal, lingonberries & coup de poudre.

3. KA “Grief Pedigree” Iron Works
Middle age rage.

4.Vladislav Delay ?”Kuopio” Raster-Noton
Formless function perfection.

5. Bailter Space “Strobosphere” Fire
Cryogenically sealed since 1992 and still fresh.

6. Austin Cesear  “Cruise Forever” Public Information
Dreaming about wind while sleeping in a warehouse.

7. Belbury Poly “The Belbury Tales” Ghost Box
Ghosts with Earl Grey stained teeth haunting the library.

8. Thought Broadcast “Emergency Stairway” Editions Mego
Chiaroscuro drawings on a factory floor.

9. Messages “Message Bag” De Stijl
Ragged garage raga.

10. Silent Servant “Negative Fascination” Hospital
A sentence that tells more of a story than a novel.

11. Madteo “Noi No” Sähkö Recordings
WTF parmigiana.

12. Moonrises  “Moonrises” Galactic Archive / Logan Hardware
Hate the player, not the game.



Best of 2012::::12″s\EPs



Although the ass end of 2012 was heavy with the heavy hitters, it was an all around banner year for technoid soundsz.  The 12″ has always been my favorite format and these are my favorites from the last 12 months.

1. Milton Bradley “Reality Is Wrong” Prologue
Techno cathedral built from muscle memory.

2. Powell “Body Music EP” Diagonal
Every time i hear a new record by this guy i want to burn my gear.

3. Fit Featuring Gunnar Wendel “Enter The Fog” FXHE Records
“They don’t write ’em like that anymore” – Greg Kihn

4. Appian\Segv “Split EP” Sly Fox Records
2 artists, 4 tracks 1 out of nowhere classic.

5. Vladislav Delay “Espoo” Raster-Noton
Welcome back to innovation.

6. Tuff Sherm “Pharmacy EP” The Trilogy Tapes
Baked, fresh.

7. Shxcxchcxsh “Nmhnmhnmnmh” HEM

8. Mala “Stand Against War / Maintain Thru Madness” DMZ
Reclaiming D**S*** by pushing around bass weight.

9. Leftover “Der Kirschbaum EP” Baum Records
High water mark in a flooded genre.

10. Go Hiyama “Arc One” Token
Compression got a hold on me.


Top 10 of 2011

Nothing about 2011 particularly separates it from 2010 except it’s one higher. Found myself picking more rock records than in the previous years which sort of surprised me and bored whomever i told.

1. Echologist “Subterranean” Steadfast
2. Mark E “Stone Breaker” Spectral
3. The Psychic Paramount “II” No Quarter
4. High Wolf “Atlas Nation” Holy Mountain
5. Balaclavas “Snake People” Dull Knife
6. Tiger & Woods “Through The Green” Running Back
7. Cut Hands “Afro Noise Vol.1” Very Friendly
8. Robedoor “Too Down To Die” Not Not Fun
9. Sven Schienhammer “Altostratutus Translucidus” Bine
10. Crooked Necks “Alright is Exactly What It Isn’t” Handmade Birds


Top 10 reissues 2011

There were so many incredible reissues this year that i felt compelled to make a list dedicated to these new olde favorites. Not taking away from the stellar reissues by TG, Talk Talk, Skullflower and Void i wanted to try to stick to groups i never heard before and felt as new and exciting as anything that came out this year.

1.Fungus Brains “Ron Pistos Real World” Load Records
2. Prisoners Go Go Band “Live! At the Butchery with Special Guests on Fire ” S-S Records
3. Rob “Funky Rob Way” Analog Africa
4. Black Humor “Love God – Love One Another” Superior Viaduct
5. Pump “The Decoration Of The Duma Continues” Forced Nostalgia
6. Free Agents “£3.33” Groovy Records/Drag City
7. Lord Foul “Killing Raping Burning / The Devil’s Advocate” Dias
8. El Rego “El Rego Et Ses Commandos” Daptone
9. John Bender “Plaster Falling” Record Sluts
10. Starfuckers “Metallic Diseases” Holy Mountain


TOP 20 of 2010

After weeks of re-listening and re-listing i was unable to make a definitive Top 10 for 2010.
Bought many a great album but in the end decided to just list 20 that i really liked.
So here they are in no particular order.
As usual i do not list compilations, reissues or mix discs.


Casino Versus Japan “Night on Tape”

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti “Before Today”

Group Inerane “Guitars from Agadez, Vol. 3”

Deepchord Presents Echospace “Liumin”

Stian Westerhaus “Pitch Black Star Spangled”

Burnt Hills s/t live

Twells & Christensen “Coasts”

Supersilent “10”

Glimpse “Runner”

Heavy Winged “Sunspotted”

Moon Unit “Hell Horse and Heady Stratus”

F “Energy Distortion”

Arkhonia “Trails/Traces”

Ultrabunny “Volume Merchants / Unsafe At Any Age”

Shed “The Traveller”

Jailbreak “The Rocker”

Roll The Dice S/T

Hellvete “De Gek’

Balaclavas “Roman Holiday”

Lone “Emerald Fantasy Tracks”


after the love is gone

i had planned a very detailed and conventional Top Ten LPs list but then found myself with one resounding question ringing in my head… “why are you doing this?” Yeah, it’s a simple(ton) question but it was enough to make me not want to do a list ala my Top 12″s.

So here’s a semi stream of consciousness round up of what albums i was really into in the ’06.

Easily the my favorite album was J DILLA “Donuts”. it came out right at the crack of the new year and was never replaced. Even during the few short weeks before he passed away i was struck with a sense of utter amazement at this thing. It felt like a calm release that only someone that has been “through it” could create. Every track and sound had a depth to it that seem to… not so much suck you in, but settle you down for a real lesson. Yes, it’s basically beats and samples some may be described as half-baked ideas or sketches but only a douche bag would see it that way.
It’s a whole created by perfect parts. Like how enjoying the moment makes you in the long run have a more complete life. Unlike other great artists that passed away that hadn’t made a note of importance in 30 years, this loss truly sucks. Consider the current state of hip hop and you’ll understand.

Most of the year i was blown away by post-glitch bliss. TIM HECKER “Harmony In Ultra violet” was a reflex grab for me since almost everything this canuck craps out of his laptop is truly beautiful. It’s dumbfounding in it’s amorphous haze and overwhelming in it’s indescribable beauty. DONATO WHARTON “Body Isolations” was picked up because of the great cover and never put down because of the music. It breathes and thinks thru it’s shimmering piano tinkles and atmospheric scapes. KANGDING RAY “Stabil” sounded lika an orcestra of cold drops of water on an aluminium tray and i played it non stop.

Pitchfuckers were all over BURIAL last year but basically turned a deaf ear and a dumb ass to the better of the 2 Hyperdub full lengths, KODE 9 + SPACEAPE “Memories Of The Future” is (sort of) a modern take on the LKJ/Dennis Bovell connection. Deep hypnotic tones with a croaking baritone spoken word glaze. Marc Leclair (bka Akufen) released a loose concept album in “Musique Pour 3 Femmes Enceintes”. Thru the full course of this disc you are taken on a journey from minimal fuzzy clicks to polyrhythmic overload. This album seems to last a lifetime, but in a very, very good way.

Ahh, rock and roll… is it dead? is claiming it’s dead, dead? Yes and no on all accounts. Comets On Fire “Avatar” was on constant replay. Getting better which each release this one is a mother fucker! Tempering the all out feedback assault with the mellower (melodic) segments works perfectly. I know very little about the group ON who had a CD released on Campbell Kneale’s Celebrate Psi Phenomenon label, but what i do know is that it’s a NZ scuzz rock mind fuck that needs to be blasted whilst drinking heavily (beer, liquor or Windex will do nicely). Remember when SY was somewhat youthful and good? Well, take all the dissonant love they once spread and spread it on thicker. Makes one understand that “noize rock” is a pussy moniker. I LOVE Major Stars... when half that group was Magic Hour and played the Euclid Tavern with Ghost it changed my life forever. Every Major Stars album is untouchable so of course i couldn’t wait for another one to be unleashed upon us mortals. Well, the pre LP 7″ with the new singer didn’t totally float my yacht but the music was still perfect… leads that howl like a wolf god at the full moon, a rhythm section that understands that sitting in the pocket doesn’t mean laying back. “Syntopticon” ended up being a fucking beast, although i still think the new singer is sub par to Wayne’s wobbly warble. Jazkamer “Metal Music Machine” is one of thee most intense albums I’ve heard in many a blue moon draft. They distill metal to it’s basic parts: blast beats and blazing riffs, doom laden drop C chords and squealing feedback. Not blending them together but meditating on each part like a Buddhist in a bullet belt.

I really played the hell out of Black Angels “Passover” (please do not mention BJM to me) and then played it more. Working For A Nuclear Free City may be a stupid as shit name but their worship of Stone Roses and all things Manchester (their hometown… does that make their ripping it off better?) sounded great to me.

So if you are interested in any of these albums use the old cut and paste and google method and find out more… then buy them!