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“Crushed Interior” is now available in the USA.

I am VERY grateful to anyone who purchases the LP from any retail outlet and I whole heartedly appreciate the support.  That being said…

If you are going to purchase, i highly recommend getting it from Bent Crayon.
If it wasn’t for that shoppe and the man behind it, this album would have never been made.
16 years ago i was buying Purpose Maker, Chain Reaction and Tresor 12″s and having my life changed.  This was only because someone who truly cares about music put those records in my hands and assuredly said, “check this out”.  Now you get algorhytmic “suggestions” via some program because you wanted to hear Atoms For Peace.  There is no substitute for a shoppe owner who is truly invested in new music (emotionally and financially) that relates to your tastes and interests.

(real) Record stores are an important (and criminally overlooked) cog in the underground scene.  When you visit another city they are places where you can meet like-minded music lovers, find out about local shows and artists and (gasp!) make friends. Now, i’m sure there is someone reading this who says “but all that can be done online” to that i say, people read food and wine blogs and watch porn online all day long but eating, drinking & fucking can’t be done through your ISP.

It’s very important to not only keep brick and mortar shoppes in business but also thriving.   The way to do that by going to them all year long, not just on corporate appointed holidays AKA Wreck-A-Store Day.  Talk to the people behind the counter, ask questions, discuss music, buy what turns you on and in turn, turn others on to it.
Rinse. Lather. Repeat.


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