Just watched (the original) BAD NEWS BEARS. This film could only exist and be relevant in the context of the time it was made. This is not say it’s dated to the point it’s not enjoyable now… it’s more than excellent today. It was remade recently to laughable results and the point is obvious… some of the greatest “art” is a product of it’s time and place and can have an infinite shelf life but it can’t be recreated. This is exactly how i felt about the ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS “reunion” a few years ago. As a clevelander it may sacrilege to disrespect the mighty ghost of olde, but it’s a sad truth that that band has no purpose getting together in a half assed fashion and cash in on what was pure honest art. C’mon people… let’s face the facts… they were great for what they were doing at a specific time and place where such music was unheard of and flat out unheard.

You want to hear that magic? Pick up the reissue and play it. What point is there in going to see them go all stars on 45 with their own material? Please don’t think that these been around the block veterans of rock have any capacity to recreate what was completely outsider rock by their former youthful fuck off selves. It can never happen. Those songs were born out of circumstances and conditions that surrounded the people that made it and there is no way in hell they could have done it in any other fashion. So go to Williamsburg (both colonial and brooklyn) if you are into historical reenactment. Same can be said for NA, ZERO BOYS, RADIO BIRDMAN or BLUE CHEER.

BAD NEWS BEARS pre-teen drinking, race baiting and swearing is paradoxically both passe and completely taboo in today’s modern climate. That film would have never been made today and if it was it would have absolutely no edge or value. So to all the quick burning classic bands that think that getting back together 20-30 years after the fact… take your cruddy trophy and shove it up your ass.

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