Why must i have to hear 23 yr old stoners tell me about PSYCH? That term should be resting on a shelf next to PUNK, INDUSTRIAL and AGGRO. What does it even mean anymore? It’s applied to everything. Shit, i heard “Reggatta de Blanc” referred to as “The Police’s ‘What A Bunch Of Sweeties’ “.

It’s getting to the point where i rather go see a ska band because at least i won’t have some shaggy headed dip shit approaching me and talking my ear off about French Psych bands from 1972. Let’s face it… if you are in a band and you refer to said band with the P word chances are pretty high that you flat out suck a bag of fuck sticks. It’s a catch all term that can instantly give you an easy pass from being a totally crappy band. “The guitars sound like a baby playing with a squeaky door” OH, IT’S PSYCH! Are those drums or marbles in a dryer?” OH, IT’S PSYCH! “Did he just sing something about a minotaur drinking mead?” OH, IT’S….

Not to just bitch, i offer a simple solution to this horse shit… just stop calling bands and songs and albums PSYCH. Cold turkey stop. Try using the terms _______ ROCK. You don’t have to pigeon hole your music or play to current (retro) trends. Make your own noise and let it speak for itself and while your at it stop downloading from those fucking prog blogs (and calling it psych).